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Using Images in Your Blog Posts

The Internet is full of words. Thousands and thousands of words flood the Internet. However it’s not the words that get all the attention it is usually the images. The reason is a picture is worth 1000 words. You can get the entire mood of something that you’re about to read just passing the preview image. That’s why it’s so important to use images in your blog posts. You can’t simply just write and write and write. It’s always good to have nice visuals to go along with the topic you’re discussing. What’s even better is to have a high-impact image that gets a lot of attention.

The images in your blog posts one of the most important choices you can make to help promote that post. Images are everywhere in social media. If you don’t use images in your blog post, your chances of getting that post read go down to about 50 to 60%. Think about Facebook and the posts that go in your timeline. There are always preview images that go along with those posts. Those interesting and eye-catching images are what get your attention so that you’ll look at the title.

The web has become more visual over the years. Think about Pinterest. All it is is a collection of images that link’s back to content that you found interesting. Either it was an inspiring image, or it was a product that you want to buy. Then there’s Instagram. People share their photos throughout the day on Instagram and add little filters to them to make them look interesting. Combine those images with hashtags and you can connect with other users that have the same interests. There’s also Google plus. They just recently enabled the capability of previewing large images in the news feed. That means the bigger and bolder image that you create, the more attention your post will get. Don’t forget about Twitter. They just recently added the ability for Twit pics. Studies show that Twitter posts with images attached to them are 35% more likely to be re-tweeted and shared than those without images. That’s why the images in your blog posts are so important.


There are some things that you can do to optimize the images for different social media outlets. Google plus supports wider image formats. So, if your audience is mainly on Google plus and you want to optimize your images to be in a wide format to fit Google plus.


If you have a lot of followers on Pinterest, you want to make your images taller and more elongated in a portrait format. This vertical format fits Pinterest well, and taller images stand out against others.


When you post a tweet on Twitter, add an interesting image that will stand out and get a lot of attention. That post is 35% more likely to be read and if you didn’t place an image at all.

WordPress & featured Images

If you are running a WordPress website, it is highly recommended that you always place a featured image in every article. Besides the social media outlets I’ve already mentioned, there are also hundreds, if not thousands of social media bookmarking sites that retrieve a featured image in your post. Those posts are much more likely to be read than if you just see plain text posts placed on those bookmarking sites. It is also important to place images throughout your articles to help illustrate your ideas. 3 to 5 images in a longer blog post are recommended.


Not only do images help represent what you’re talking about, it is also good for SEO. If you add alt tags to your images they will be indexed by Google, meaning that if someone happens to find that image on Google search it will link back to your post. This is just another way where people can find your article if it is related to something that they are interested in. Those keywords only add to your post’s relevance.

Using Images Is A Must: Where do you get them?

Ok, so if you’re just starting out, you’re probably on a budget. I know I was. I used to barely be able to make ends meet. There are tons of places to go to find images. is a site where you can find free images. The only problem is, you have to be really careful with this site. There are some images that are completely free to use. However, the rights are left up to the artist, and some of them demand credit and notification prior to using them. This can hold up production, and they might still say no.

Image Packs: Deposit Photos

A few different places offer image packs. For example, one place that I use a lot is Depositphotos. They sometimes offer image packs at a discount on However, this is few and far between. The way that the image packs work, is that you have xxx amount of download credits, which you can use to download any size image or vector graphic. This is an excellent deal.


This is my go-to site for images, graphics, textures, and backgrounds. They have an awesome deal, where you can sign up for a week of free downloads to try them out. Downloads are unlimited, and gives you access to 250,000+ images. If you sign up for a year’s membership, you can get a really good deal on unlimited downloads. If you own multiple sites like I do, this is a great deal! Also, if you click the banner below, I am an affiliate, so you’ll get a huge discount for signing up – Enjoy!

Using Images in your blog posts