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Picture the scene – you’ve come up with a golden idea for a great blog. So you sit up in the night, possessed like a demon, words are pouring through your mind. Your mind skips through topics in tangents; drifting through technology, landscapes, and beyond. Each subject is pixel sharp and crystal clear. You know exactly what to say and your words are articulate, well-chosen and meaningful. As the light from your notebook battery charger glimmers in the corner of your room, you are sure of just one thing, that this rare moment of clarity must not be lost. You must capture the words and commit them to a blog.

Writing killer blog posts

Many writers before you have failed in nailing the killer post. There are a multitude of blog writers out there who would kill to have kind of moment of inspiration that you have woken to, yet for most of these writers publication usually delivers something which, although well scripted and constructed with some craft, is ultimately uninspiring.

This is unfortunate because blogging and adding blog posts should really be all about capturing those gems, the nuggets of wisdom and pearls of beauty that can be embroidered like glittering threads into a topic to create something beautiful an illuminating.

In order to create a killer post there are some rules which you must adhere to that will guarantee that it resonates in the way it should.

Rule 1 – Understand your subject

The first and most important of these is understanding the subject. If your post is going to stop people in their tracks then you need to know what you are talking about. And then some. An expert level of understanding is really what is required. You then need to craft your words.

Rule 2 – Give it personality

It is imperative that the post be well written. Use every technique at your disposal and borrow a few if you need to. Try and key into the style and tone of the blog, but don’t be afraid to put your own stamp on it. A killer post will have a personality of its own.

Rule 3 – Check, then check again!

Finally make sure you review before you publish. Iron out any glitches and get rid of errors. A really good post should not be tarnished with blemishes.