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Get Unstuck With Long Term Blogging

Writing for a blog that has been successful enough to still be going on long term is quite an accomplishment. But getting past the initial hurdles, in the beginning, aren’t the only challenges you will face. You will continue to face problems every so often, and each time you will need to break through the barrier to continue moving forward.

One of the most frustrating – and universal – problems that arises for everyone is writer’s block. Sometimes it is due to lacking a new topic to write about. It can be thanks t a busy schedule that doesn’t leave much time (or energy) for coming up with something fresh. Or, it might be good old fashioned burn out.

Whatever the case, you should be prepared for it before it hits. Here are some ways to get past stagnation and all-in-all brain flops that happen to every blogger.

Write “emergency” articles. You are not always going to have time to write, and you won’t always feel like it even when you do have the time. But sudden drops in updates can be damaging. That is why when you do have time and inspiration, you should take advantage of it. Write some extra, evergreen (always relevant) articles and leave them in drafts. When you know you won’t be writing, you can use one of those saved articles already prepared. You can also save different titles of things you might write in the future, saving an idea whenever you have it. So if the problem is that you just can’t think of a topic, it is already there and waiting for you.

Get a contributor.


There are a lot of reasons to use guest posting for your blog. It gives a fresh voice and perspective to your site. Other writers can bring new readers along with them. It creates links on other blogs and through social media to your site without you doing the work. But it can also be a way to get new content when you don’t feel like writing.

Using a site like MyBlogU, you can invite niche writers to participate in expert interviews.

Use a prompt.

You would be amazed by how many site are out there with hundreds of prompts for bloggers who are running short on ideas. While you won’t want to follow them exactly, in most cases, they can give you a foundation to build on. You just tweak the ideas a bit and make them your own. Some good sources are Molly Greene, Start Blogging Online, and Osmosio.

Go with what’s trending.

Not only is this a good way to decide what to write, but it offers a quick injection of traffic and is a great marketing strategy. Check out what is trending on social networks like Twitter, or on search results like through Google Trends or News. Then write up your own, unique take on the topic. You can get an entire series of posts from a trending topic, complete with internal links that connect them altogether.

Ask for reader contributions.

Some of the most popular blogs online will ask users for stories that they can use anonymously, or with credit. They might do a collection of personal experiences through their blog, or ask for comments on their Facebook, Twitter or other social media pages. It is incredible, the number of responses a request like this can get.

Get visual.

Visual content is the perfect way to better engage readers, keep their attention, and up your social media influence. I am not just talking about photos, here. You can also use videos, infographics, comics, or anything else that has a visual format.

Recycle old posts.

Recycle old posts

Aged posts are a goldmine for new readers after a time. You have two ways of recycling old posts: 1) you can link to the original on your social sites and cycle it back as a main feature on your front page; 2) you can write an update, or a whole new post on the topic. Both are great ways to get new views and use out of something you wrote before. You may even find an old post getting a lot more attention the second time around than it did the first.

Make a list.

Lists are among the most popular styles of content to have on any blog. They are good for skimmers, informative, easy on the eyes and entertaining. If you need something to write, but don’t know what, try doing a Top 10 list, or something similar.

Take a vacation.

Sometimes there is just nothing for it, and you need to take a breather. There is nothing wrong with that, but you want to make sure you are covered. Have posts scheduled to go out while you are gone, or hire someone to run things for you during the duration of your hiatus.

Have a tip for getting over brain flops? Let us know your best anti-writer’s block tips in the comments.

By Jessy Troy

Jessy Troy is the professional writer and writer tweeting at @JessyTroy