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Great Post Titles

Most of the visitors to your blog will read the post title before deciding whether to read through the post or not. Only a tiny fraction of them will move beyond the title. If you know how to write a great title, you can increase the percentage of your readers. Here are 6 tips for writing great post titles that every copywriter (or newbie) should follow.

Write Short Post Titles

Keep your title below 70 characters. Do this not only for Google and other search engines, but also to make it easy for your readers to instantly get an idea of what the post is about. Usually, the title will work as the title tag. If you keep it shorter, it will appear fully in your search engine results pages (SERPs). With social media being the big thing, a shorter title can easily fit into your tweets and Facebook status updates.

Use Proper Grammar

Readers give more importance to posts and titles that follow proper grammatical rules. If they notice any mistakes, they are most likely to view your content as written for search engines and not for them. So give a second look to your titles. Ensure that they sound natural and are free from any grammatical mistakes.

Use Numbers

Ask any copywriter or SEO expert and he will tell you the importance of numbers in the title. Check any magazine (from any niche) and you will find many of their posts with numbers in the headline. There are no rules to how the numbers should be used. The fact is that posts with numbers in their titles get read more times. With more and more copywriters using this strategy, the key to stand out is probably to use some obscure numbers rather than the “Top 10….., or Top 5……” clauses.

Importance of What, Why and How

Also known as trigger words, “What”, “Why”, and “How” can help you to persuade your visitors to read through. Everyone wants to know something new. Most people click on these because they have questions that need answers. It is recommended not to use numbers and trigger words in conjunction. Both have their own unique importance and are best used separately.

Making a Promise

This could be a little difficult, but if you can promise something valuable to your readers, they’ll flock to your post. You may teach them something new like a skill. You could also inspire them to do something new. You might also provide answers to a general question that is difficult to answer. Just make sure that you don’t over-promise. You need to meet their expectations by the end of the post. If you fail to do so, you haven’t done anything good for your work.

Properly use Keywords

The age old strategy with the keyword is to place at somewhere in the beginning of the title. But keep in mind that you are should be writing for humans because of the changing SEO scenario. It will be better to use a version of the keyword that sounds more natural than just being implanted there.

writing great post titles

I created a screenshot of a heat map from one of my growing websites. The title is “30 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes. Do you notice anything important here? I sure do. Look at where people are clicking. you’ll notice they are clicking on the keywords in the title more than anything else. Heat maps are a great way to gain insight into the behavior of your visitors, like the screenshot above. This only reinforces the importance of keywords in your post titles. The right wording can make all the difference.

Use these tips for writing great post titles and you could significantly improve the chances that your visitors will read through your entire post.