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Get The Most Of Twitter

Almost every new blogger signs up on different social networks with Twitter and Facebook being on top of the list. Registering on such networks is one thing and getting visitors through them is a different cup of tea. This demands a solid Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy.

A good strategy explains what to do and what to avoid. The former is often stressed more than the latter. Therefore, this write-up will not cover what you should do; instead it will deal with what to avoid while using Twitter, a very popular social network, for the promotion of your blog.

5 reasosn you're failing to get the most out of Twitter

1. Tweeting All You Have In One Chunk

Twitter users check their accounts at different times a day: some in the morning; a few during office-break; others in the evening or at night.

Now if you tweet your entire day’s stuff in one go, let’s say in the morning, your content will get exposure to only those people who use Twitter at that time. Hence, a lot of your followers will remain unaware of your tweets.

So it is better to tweet your stuff at different times a day to get maximum exposure. The best thing is you don’t necessarily have to do it manually. You can use tools like Buffer and Hootsuite that allow you to add tweets to be sent on a schedule.

2. Not Using Images

Pictures are often more interactive and attractive than words. If you don’t use pictures, chances are that some of your followers may miss your tweets.

Now that Twitter lets its users to share, even multiple, pictures in a tweet, you need to take advantage of this. Use compelling pictures to draw the attention of your followers. Even if you have to share words, you can give them a graphic look and make your tweets stand out uniquely.

3. Not Motivating Readers to Tweet

Your blog might have top-notch content but still you are worried about not having optimum visitors. The reason could be that you are not motivating your readers to tweet your content. Unless you motivate your readers, they will keep reading your articles and moving on.

To motivate your readers to tweet your content, you need to:

  • Put a “Tweet” button somewhere around your article, reminding the readers that they can share it with their followers;
  • Actually ask your reader to tweet your article;
  • Offer them “Tweetable Quotes” in the body of your articles so that they may tweet things they like the most.

Using “Tweetable Quotes” is a new trend on Twitter which generates high number of tweets. For this, you need to follow two easy steps.

First, have your article full of such statements that people love to share on Twitter. These statements generally include quotes, eye-opening statistics and catchy phrases.

Second, make these statements tweetable. You can do so by using free or premium services like ClickToTweet or TweetDis.

4. Buying Your Followers

Paying money and getting Twitter followers overnight on your account is another mistake that does not pay off. Since fake followers have nothing to do with your tweets, they are never going to share them. So what’s the use of spending money on them?

It may be mentioned here that fake numbers do not really matter on Twitter. For instance, you have 1000 such followers, and only 10 of them share your tweets, then what’s the use of having the rest of followers?

So the best way is to rely on genuine followers and work hard for getting more such followers. Where do they come from? Your content plus well-planned promotional campaign will fetch you some good followers who could prove real worth for you in the long run.

5. Tweeting Your Own Links Only

No doubt, your primary objective of using social media is to promote your business. But sharing your personal links, nothing else, all the time will not sound good for your followers. They may feel offended for sharing the same links again and again.

A good solution is to maintain a balance between promotion and appreciation – while you promote your own links, appreciate others’ work as well by sharing their links. This will keep your followers from the monotony and repetition of same stuff.

That’s all from me. I hope next time you will get more out of Twitter for your business by avoiding such common mistakes.

Tim Soulo used to be a professional DJ till he realized that talent alone won’t bring him thousands of raving fans. That’s how he began studying marketing. Today Tim is a marketing consultant, helping people squeeze more money from their websites. Make sure to visit his personal blog at: