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Increase Your List

Opt-in offers are a great way to build your email list. However, if you are stuck for ideas about what freebie to offer to your customers when opting in to your website, try one of these 20 ideas:

  1. 3-part video series

A free video series is a hugely popular idea, and for good reason. It’s an easy way for people to consume valuable information that will help them in their lives.

  1. 30-day challenge

This is a perfect choice for any business offering life-coaching services or products to their customers, such as fitness and weight loss.

  1. A how-to guide

If you can give visitors a simple solution to a burning problem, then it gives them a great reason for signing up to your mailing list.

  1. Tools and resources

People love hearing about the best tools and resources out there, and it can save them hours, even days, of searching the web.

  1. Preview of a VIP program

Why not offer visitors the first chapter or video from your paid-for program? It gives people something valuable, and it also gives them a taste of what you can do.

  1. Join a free networking group

If you can build a genuinely supportive online community, then consider offering that as a free opt-in.

  1. Helpful tips

People want information that is easily digestible, and one effective way of offering that is through a simple page of tips to support them with a problem they are experiencing.

  1. Cheat sheet

Cheat sheets are a great opt-in headline, because they offer value for very little effort. If you can help your visitors by giving them a shortcut solution, then they will be tempted to opt in to your list.

  1. Free audio series

If videos aren’t your thing, then why not consider an audio series? A free podcast can be an original and valued opt in for many visitors.

  1. Free webinar

If you have run webinars in the past, think about publishing one as an opt in to your list. If your original audience found it valuable, then chances are so will your new visitors.

  1. Quiz

People love quizzes, and a simple self-assessment for your visitors can be a highly tempting opt-in. This is surprisingly under-utilised as an opt in, because it can offer very good conversion rates when done right.

  1. Exclusive discount

If you are a product based business, why not offer your visitors a discount on a purchase in exchange for their email address?

  1. Free 30 day trial

If you offer software or a membership product, consider giving away a free short-term trial as part of your opt in. If visitors like what you are offering, then in the long term it will have a great impact on your sales.

  1. Downloadable templates

Templates can be incredibly useful, particularly if you are an expert in quite a specialist field such as law or finance.

  1. 3-part email series

Email series are a great option, because they offer a meaningful reason for giving away your email address in return for something of value.

  1. Free consultation

If you are a service business, why not offer your visitors the opportunity for a free consultation with you to get a taste for what you have to offer?

  1. Toolkit

Toolkits are something of a buzzword, and because of that they make highly effective opt ins. A well-packaged set of information that can help your customer is something that many will find appealing.

  1. Free planner

Planners work in many different fields, but are particularly useful if you offer services such as life-coaching. If you can understand your customers pain point and help them plan their way through a solution, your opt-in will be of value.

  1. Free checklist

As with other opt-ins, checklists work well because they offer a lot of value and they are easy for people to apply to whatever problem they are experiencing.

  1. Free eBook

If you enjoy writing, then consider creating a mini eBook for your visitors. Giving away something of high value for free will really set you apart from other websites.

As a general rule, when creating your opt in you need to make sure you understand your customers intimately and how you can help them with their biggest pain point. Once you understand that, it is easy to choose an opt-in that will deliver them a lot of value with little effort on their part. Do this and you have the perfect opt-in.

About the author:
Lauren Lambie is founder of supporting other aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to start their own business